Episode 5: My Condoms are Bigger than Your Backpack

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Jonathan and Fab saw each other for the first time in real life and survived to tell you about it. They also explain why the Landschaftspark in Duisburg is so cool and marvel about the Danish police and their insane driving definition.

This episode was recorded during four raids on Woods.

The first few minutes of the episode is pretty much just us trying to play the game and failing pretty hard. Later, Fab mentions this glue:

Apparently you can glue a truck to a crane with it. It’s suboptimal for gluing toenails back together, though. Use superglue for that.

Other things we talked about during the episode:

» Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord
» eosandy_’s cosplay photography
» Fab making burgers on the BBQ, finished product
» Walter Röhrl: One (Danish) man’s “insane driving” is another (German) man’s drive to work
» Episode of The Private Citizen covering porn and censorship
» Jonathan recommends the NSFW webcomic oglaf.com
» If you read German, he also recommends this audio book
» Fab recommends watching Halefa

Happy rat bois at the Landschaftspark (photo by Halefa)


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