Episode 4: Boomer at Heart

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We’re playing the new patch of Escape from Tarkov after the wipe and we’re getting killed more than usual while trying to talk about the TV show Bosch and static site generators. Also fruit bats. Can’t forget the fruit bats, Jonathan’s special friends.

This episode was recorded during nine raids on Woods.

Things we talked about during the episode:

» Escape from Tarkov wiped with patch 0.12.11
» Pestily is streaming his life now
» Jonathan mentioned the wet-bulb temperature
» We discussed the TV show Bosch and Fab talked about the novel series it is based on
» More Bosch coming: Bosch Spinoff & Lincoln Lawyer Connection Explained
» The static site generators we mentioned are Hugo, Jekyll and Gatsby
» We also like Markdown a lot
» Visit law.photography
» Also: fruit bats, naked mole-rats and Unsolicited Dik-Diks
» The Doc’s mustache came up


Thanks to Fadi Mansour for writing in! You can email us via tarkov@fab.industries if you have some feedback on the show.

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If you want more Tarkov, Jonathan and Fab stream the game together on scenictarkov.com quite a lot.

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