Episode 3: A Shower, Not a Grower

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Jonathan and Fab hit the Woods of Tarkov, casually kill Shturman and talk about the European football championship, the health benefits of video games, new features in Escape from Tarkov and nudity in German spas.

During this episode, we played four raids on Woods.

Things we talked about during the episode:

» We are not watching the Euro 2020 championship
» We mentioned Christian Eriksen’s cardiac arrest and the fact that he’s now getting an ICD
» The 2012 London Olympics logo is a famous branding blunder
» Jonathan mentioned this study about PTSD and video games: Can playing the computer game “Tetris” reduce the build-up of flashbacks for trauma? A proposal from cognitive science, Holmes, et al., 2009
» The Wipe – when is it coming?
» We talked about some of the upcoming features in the 0.13 patch of Escape from Tarkov which is supposed to arrive soon
» Shturman is the scav boss on Woods
» Tarkov streamers we like: Deadlyslob, AnneMunition, MisMagpie, AquaFPS
» We discussed nudity in German spas
» Freaks Fab the fuck out: green tracer ammo in Tarkov
» We mention Wacken and Die Toten Hosen at some point
» Almost-nude Danish influencer “reminding the youth to wear masks”

Additional Information

Tagilla, the new scav boss for Factory:

Killa was on Factory on the day we recorded this episode:

AKS-74U in a house in the village on Woods:

Advertising for Borat Subsequent Moviefilm in Düsseldorf:

Plugs & Credits

If you want more Tarkov, Jonathan and Fab stream the game together on scenictarkov.com quite a lot.

You may also want to read Jonathan’s blog. Fab’s website is fab.industries and he also hosts another podcast called The Private Citizen.

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The theme song of this show is I Am Unbreakable by Niklas Johansson, licensed via Epidemic Sound.

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