Episode 1: The Stormtroopers of Gentrification

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In the inaugural episode of the podcast, Jonathan and Fab introduce themselves and the idea of this show. They explain how they met and why they are doing this. Also: The truth about random German towns like Witten, famous for its satanic murders, and Hannover, famous for nothing at all.

During this episode, we played three raids on Woods.

Things we talked about during the episode:

» The game we are playing is Escape from Tarkov
» The Danish/German border was decided in the 1920 Schleswig plebiscites
» The background noise in Jonathan’s flat is Halefa’s stream, she was probably killing innocent pedestrians in the streets at the time
» The Two-Time? Doc Disrespect cheating allegations
» Stardock’s WindowBlinds
» The first podcast Fab listened to was PowerUser.tv
» Witten: Satanist couple jailed for killing
» Duisburg: Love Parade disaster
» Fab lives in Düsseldorf-Oberbilk

Plugs & Credits

If you want more Tarkov, Jonathan and Fab stream the game together on scenictarkov.com quite a lot.

You may also want to read Jonathan’s blog. Fab’s website is fab.industries and he also hosts another podcast called The Private Citizen.

We would like to thank Bytemark for hosting our audio files.

The theme song of this show is I Am Unbreakable by Niklas Johansson, licensed via Epidemic Sound.

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