Escape the Talk Show

A podcast from two guys talking about life, politics, entertainment and other random things while being under enemy fire in the military simulation game Escape from Tarkov. It’s like being stuck in the trenches of a post-apocalyptic Russian battlefield, talking to your friends about bad life choices, while trying to survive.

Your hosts are Fabian A. Scherschel, a freelance journalist from Düsseldorf and Jonathan M. Hethey, a developer from Copenhagen.

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Episode 2: Sex Terrorism

In the second episode, Jonathan and Fab discuss crazy rich people and pride parades. This includes a discussion of the Danish submarine murder, submarines in general and also Zamonia and Dirk Bach.

Episode 1: The Stormtroopers of Gentrification

In the inaugural episode of the podcast, Jonathan and Fab introduce themselves and the idea of this show. They explain how they met and why they are doing this. Also: The truth about random German towns like Witten, famous for its satanic murders, and Hannover, famous for nothing at all.

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